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The Orchid Ensemble has collaborated with contemporary players of the western instruments to perform cross-cultural chamber music written for different combinations of Chinese and western instruments. Over the past decades, composers around the world have been fascinated with the new sounds created by combining Chinese and western instruments. The ensemble commissions, arranges, as well as selects works from existing pieces from composers around the world to enrich this repertoire.

As part of the Orchid Ensemble’s residencies in music institutes, the ensemble collaborates with faculties or accomplished students, rehearsing and performing a selection of this repertoire. 

Original compositions –
Concerto Etude (2020) – Tim Brady (Canada),
2 versions: erhu & string quintet or erhu & string orchestra; length 8:30

From the Stars (2017) – Lan Tung (Canada/Taiwan),
2 versions: for voice, erhu, 8 cellos; for voice, erhu, cello, 2 percussion; length 6:00
Oriole (2016) – Lan Tung (Canada/Taiwan), 
for voice, erhu, flute, dizi, cello, guitar, daruan, percussion; length 6:00
Beijing Opera Rock – Lan Tung (Canada/Taiwan),
erhu, flute, cello, piano, percussion; length 9:00
Weaver Woman Suite – Lan Tung (Canada/Taiwan),
erhu, cello, percussion; length 8:003
Snowfeathers – Jennifer Margaret Barker (US),
erhu, violin, piano, percussion; length 8:40
Qi-Shen-Xing – Rui Shi Zhuo (Canada),
erhu & string quartet
Ornamental – John Oliver (Canada),
erhu & guitar; length 6:00
Through & Out – Nova Pon (Canada),
erhu & cello; length 6:30
PM2.5 – Lucas Oickle (Canada)
flute, erhu, cello, percussion; length 3:00
Nessun Popolo Oppresso 7 – Luigi Morleo (Italy)
erhu, guitar; length 6:00
PER I PROFUGHI DI GUERRA 9 – Luigi Morleo (Italy)
erhu, guitar; length 5:00
AnFeng – Nicolà Visalì (Italy), solo erhu
accompanied by flute, guitar, cello, percussion; length 10:00
Double Happiness – Lan Tung (Canada/Taiwan),
erhu & violin duet (2014) or erhu & cello duet (2016); length 4:30
Ming – Theo Loevendie (Netherlands),
erhu, piano, violin, cello; length 12:00
Crossover – Ali Razmi (Canada/Iran), arr. Lan Tung,
erhu, violin, piano, clarinet, percussion, bass; length 7:00

Arrangement of Chinese classical music –
New Year’s Eve – Tian-hua Liu (1928), arr. Lan Tung 
erhu & cello (2016) or erhu & piano (2013)
Autumn Moonlight on the Peaceful Lake
– arr. Lan Tung 
erhu & cello (2016) or erhu & piano (2013)
Gan Sheng Ling
– arr. Lan Tung 
voice & cello (2016) or voice & piano (2012)
Sunan Tune 
arr. Lan Tung (2013)
erhu, piano, (percussion)
Horse Racing- 
arr. Lan Tung (2013)
erhu, piano, (percussion)
Song Lang 
arr. Lan Tung (2012)
vocal & zheng; vocal & piano

erhu & piano; length 7:00