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Choir Study Guide

Special Project: Choir Collaboration – Repertoire – Study Guide

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Title: In the Very Highest Place (Canada Council Commission 2007)

Voices: SATB
Composer: Janet Danielson
Lyricist: Wu Li (Chinese classical poet – Christian)
Language: Mandarin
Downloads 1: MP3, Score (conductor’s score 8.5 X 11), Piano Rehearsal Score (only for the pianist to rehearse with the choir without Orchid Ensemble), Title Page
Title: A Dream Within a Dream (2008)
Voices: SATB
Composer: John Sharpley
Lyricist: Edgar Allan Poe
Language: English
Downloads: MP3, score (11 X 8.5), Lyrics, program note
Title: Moon and Sun (2008)
Voices: SATB
Composer: David Vayo
Language: vocalisation and scat
Downloads: MP3, Score (8.5 X 17), Cover_Note Page

Title: Life, Death, Tears, Dream (Egret Music Centre Commission)

Voices: SMA
Composer: Yawen V. Wang
Lyricist: Hsiung Hung (Taiwanese contemporary poet)
Language: Mandarin
Downloads 1: MP3 (Mvt 1 & 2), MP3 (All 4 Mvts)
Downloads 2: Score Mvt 1_2 (8.5 X 11), Score Mvt 3 (8.5 X 11),  Score Mvt 4 (8.5 X 11), Vocal Part Mvt 1-2, Program Note
Title: Taiwanese Folk Song Medley (2005)
Voices: SMA, SAB or SATB
Composer: Lan Tung
Lyricist: Anomyous, Taiwanese folk songs
Language: Taiwanese
Downloads 1 audio: MP3 Excerpt 1, MP3 Excerpt 2, (excerpts performed by a Taiwanese choir may have better pronunciation), MP3 Full Song
Downloads 2 scores: SMA Score (8.5 X 17), SAB score (8.5 X 14), 
Downloads 3 Vocal Parts: SMA Vocal Part (8.5X11), SAB Vocal Part (8.5 X 11)
Title: Ting Song (2005)
Voices: SMA, SAB or SATB
Composer: Hua Yan-jun (1893-1950)
Arrager: Lan Tung
Language: Vocalise
Downloads: MP3, SATB score (8.5 X 17), SAB score (8.5 X 17), SMA score (8.5 X 17), Program Note
Title: El Ginat Egoz (Into the Walnut Garden) (2006)
Voices: SATB
Composer: Moshe Denburg
Lyricist: Old Testament – Song of Songs
Language: Hebrew
Title: New Year’s Watch (2006)
Voices: SATB
Composer: Mathew Tran-Adams
Lyricist: Su Shi (1037-1101) (Chinese classical poet)
Language: Mandarin
Downloads: MP3 Excerpt, Score, Piano Score for Rehearsal, Vocal Part, Vocal Part (Treble Clef), Program Note, Pronunciation Guide, midi (mp3)
Title: Ghost Mind (2006) (Canada Council Commission)
Voices: SATB
Composer: Jin Zhang
Lyricist:Jin Zhang – four characters: meng (dream), xu (blur), piao (float), yi (suspect)
Language: Mandarin
Downloads: MP3 (the quieter parts may be hard to hear on this recording), Score (8.5 X 11), Piano Score for Rehearsal, Lyrics –  mp3,  program note