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Choral Repertoire

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Original Compositions

Moon and Sun【月與日】 – David Vayo (2008), for orchid & mixed choir
A Dream Within a Dream 【夢中夢】 – John Sharpley (2008), for orchid & mixed choir
Ghost Mind – Jin Zhang (2006) for Orchid & mixed choir
New Year’s Watch – Matthew Tran-Adams (2006), for orchid & mixed choir
In the Very Highest Place【最高之處】 –Janet Danielson (2006), lyrics by Wu Li (1632-1718), for Orchid & mixed choir
El Ginat Egoz (Into the Walnut Garden) – Moshe Denburg (2006), for Orchid & mixed choir
Life, Death, Tears, Dream – Ya-Wen Wang (2005), Egret Music Centre Commission, for Orchid & women’s choir

Arrangements of Traditional Music

Ting Song – Yan-jun Hua (1890-1950), arr. Lan Tung (2005), for Orchid and choir
聽松】 -華彥鈞曲,董籃編曲
Taiwanese Folk Song Medley – Traditional, arr. Lan Tung (2005), for Orchid and choir