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Orchestral Collaboration
The Orchid Ensemble performs as solo(s) with western orchestras, Chinese orchestras, and cross-cultural orchestras and ensembles. Past collaborators included the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre Metropolitain (Montreal), Symphony Nova Scotia, Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (Vancouver & Toronto), Atlas Ensemble (Amsterdam & Helsinki),Turning Point Ensemble (Vancouver), Upstream Ensemble (Halifax),and Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra (Taipei).

Taste of Taiwan – Lan Tung (2017)
品味台灣 - 董籃作曲

Ma Cao – Lan Tung (2015)
罵曹 - 董籃作曲
Sound of Dragon (2014) 
龍吟滄海 - 董籃作曲
No Rush – Jin Zhang (2014), featuring percussion
緩 - 張進作曲
Er-quan – arr. Mark Armanini (2011), featuring the erhu
二泉映月 - 馬克 阿瑪尼尼編曲
Gallop – arr. Mark Armanini (2011)
走馬 - 馬克 阿瑪尼尼編曲
Gold Fish – Mark Armanini, featuring the erhu
金魚- 馬克 阿瑪尼尼作曲
Hopefully Happily Ever After – Lan Tung (2011)
Ba Ban Variations – Lan Tung (2010)
八板變奏曲 -董籃作曲
Lonely Crows Playing in the Winter Stream – Mark Armanini (2008)
寒鴉戲水 - 馬克 阿瑪尼尼編曲
Heartland – Mark Armanini (2009), featuring the erhu
心園 - 馬克 阿瑪尼尼作曲
Double Concerto for Erhu & Violin – Gang Situ