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From A Dream is a collection of works the Orchid Ensemble commissioned from Canadian composers, with the exception of two arrangements of Chinese music. It showcases an important aspect of the ensemble’s mandate, that is to create new repertoire for our unique cross-cultural instrumentation of erhu/Chinese violin, zheng/Chinese zither, marimba, and percussion.

From A Dream has won 3 nominations by the 17th International Independent Music Awards (US)                     蘭韻樂團最新專輯「夢境」獲得國際獨立音樂獎三項提名                                                                                                 1) Eclectic Album 專輯提名
 2) Fire 火 (Jin Zhang 張進作曲) – Eclectic Song 單曲提名
 3) Producer 製作人- Jay O’Keeffe, Lan Tung, Jonathan Bernard – Instrumental Album 器樂演奏類


From a Dream夢境》-Dorothy Chang 張彥芸 (2010)

Inspired by various images of China’s Huangshan (“Yellow Mountain”), From a Dream reflects the poetic qualities of this spectacular sight: stillness, strength, delicacy, eternalness. The work contains five main sections, each one loosely representing specific imagery of the mountain, from the dream-like drifting layers of mist and clouds, to its sparkling waterfalls, craggy peaks and ancient pine trees. The opening is quiet, minimal and static, then gradually gathers momentum. The Orchid Ensemble commissioned this piece for its 2011 production “Mountain High River Flow…without end” with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.


Ghosts of the Living 間幽冥- Farshid Samandari (2008)

This piece depicts characters who breathe, act, and haunt the well-being of others as ghosts. It focuses on paradoxical and ironic dual nature of such beings. Ghosting acts as a function that binds distinct melodic modes and tonal centres to form a composite modal system, it also creates a framework for the polyrhythm. The piece is inspired by the following story by Sa’dī: An unjust king asked a devotee what kind of worship is best? He replied: “For thee the best is to sleep one half of the day so as not to injure the people for a while.”

I saw a tyrant sleeping half the day.

I said: “This confusion, if sleep removes it, so much the better”:

But he whose sleep is better than his wakefulness

Is better dead than leading such a bad life.”

(Gulistan of Sa’dī Edwin Arnold tr.)

The Orchid Ensemble commissioned this piece for its 2008 production “Ghost Project”.

Fire 》- Jin Zhang張進 (2007)

vocals: Jin Zhang, Bic Hoang, Qinglin Bruce Bai, Lan Tung

The piece is inspired by the stories of a major fire that burned Nanaimo Chinatown to the ground in 1960. Fire also represents struggle, hardship and the opportunity for regeneration and rebirth. The Orchid Ensemble commissioned this piece for its 2007 production “Triaspora”.


No Rush 》- Jin Zhang張進(2000)

Written in three sections, this work is an exploration of contrasts, moving between tenderness and strength, forcefulness and tranquility. The Orchid Ensemble commissioned this piece with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Little Stream  (Xiao He Tang Shui) – arr. Lan Tung (2010), Chinese folk song 《小河淌水-董籃 (2010) 改編自雲南民歌 vocal: Lan Tung

The bright moon is rising,               哎,月亮出來亮汪汪

reminding me of my beloved          想起我的阿哥在深山

in the mountains                             月亮出來亮汪汪

you are like the moon,                    望見月亮想起我的哥

walking above in the sky                哥像月亮天上走

I sing to you by the little stream      山下小河淌水清幽幽

at the foot of the mountains            哥像月亮天上走

do you hear me, my beloved?        你可聽見阿妹叫阿哥

Listening to the Pines (Ting Song) 聽松(聽宋)-Hua Yan-jun (1890-1950), Arr. Lan Tung (2004) 華彥君曲,董籃編曲

This piece describes a battle led by the famous general Yue Fei in the Song Dynasty (960AD -1279AD), fighting against the invading Jin (Jurchen) from the north of China. Chased by Yue’s army, the Jin soldiers fled to the foot of a mountain. As they put their ears to the stones on the ground, they felt the rumbling of the Song army’s horses approaching them. In Chinese, “Song” and “Pine” are pronounced very similarly. “Listening to the Pines” actually means to listen to the Song army.

Hua, Yan Jun, also known as A Bing, was a wandering blind musician who left a rich legacy of compositions that have become the “classics” in Chinese music.

Musicians: Lan Tung (erhu, vocal, lower tone erhu), Yu-Chen Wang (zheng), Jonathan Bernard (percussion)

Producer: Jay O’Keeffe

Co- Producers: Lan Tung & Jonathan Bernard

Engineer: Jay O’Keeffe

Assistant: Karl Dicaire & Spencer Carson

Mastering: Chon

Recorded at Profile Sound Studios & Farm Studios, Vancouver

Mixed by Jay O’Keeffe at Blackberry Jam, Madeira Park 

Cover Design: Lan Tung

Calligraphy: Li Tung 董籬

Photos: Nenad Stevanovic

Additional Package Design and Booklet Layout: Lee Hutzulak

released in Nov 2018 with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts