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Aleksandra Dulic is media artist and theorist working at the intersections of interactive multimedia installation and live performance with research foci in cross-cultural media performance, interactive animation and computational poetics. She is active as an artist, writer, educator and curator with an active international teaching, presentation and publishing practice. Her artistic work is widely presented internationally in exhibitions, festivals, and television broadcasts. These works include animated media performances, films, interactive computer installations, software tools for interactive animation, as well as interdisciplinary collaborations with composers and artists in various disciplines, such as music, dance, theatre, poetry, and shadow play. Aleksandra has received a number of awards for her short animated films and interactive media artworks.


Kenneth Newby is a media artist and composer with research interests in the areas of computational poetics, interdisciplinary media performance, cultural encoding and interaction design. His practice includes the creation of interactive computer systems for live media performance, animation, music and installation as well as software tools for composition and design. He has worked as an audio software designer for Electronic Arts, interaction design consultant for Pixar Animation Studios and producer for City of Tribes records. His music is published in a variety of compact disc editions and his writings on new media theory and practice are published in several journals and book chapters. Kenneth teaches in the Film, Video & Integrated Media; Digital Visual Arts; and Foundation areas at Emily Carr Institute of Art, Design and Media.